Trusted Advisor

Executive Management, performance, retention & succession advisor.

Trusted Advisor

Executive Management, performance, retention & succession advisor.

Doug Reiter brings more than thirty years of executive search experience to advise owners, and generational business owners, on matters related to:


  • Executive Management
  • Performance
  • Retention
  • Succession
With a Master’s in Organizational Behavior, Doug’s Executive Talent Firm is tapped by organizations large and small to provide guidance, counsel, and experience throughout the executive selection process.


Take the first step into the future of your business

The operational demands of running a family business or other closely held enterprise can be all-consuming. However, the penalty for failing to get ahead of leadership or ownership changes can be significant, as the coming years may bring substantial transfers of wealth as businesses change hands and adopt new ownership structures.

The long-term survival of a business, and the preservation of the wealth that has been built, will likely depend on getting ahead of those changes through strategic succession planning.

For private, owner-managed, or family-owned businesses, a solid plan can drive the growth of the business, set the stage for retirement, and preserve harmony within the family.

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